Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, Thai Massage

Blend these 3 disciplines, add a little heat, some cool beats to inspire, a lot of love and you've got 'Maria Filippone Yoga.'

1. Vinyasa Flow - Connect with your breath. Be the flow.

Practice creative & intelligent sequences designed to synchronize breath and movement as you still your mind.

2. Pilates - Realign. Develop strength from the core.

The foundation of Pilates makes even the most challenging sequence 'effortless effort.'

3. Thai Massage – Deepen the experience. Melt tension.

As a spa aficionado, Maria loves the integration of various Thai techniques. Allow her hands on adjustments to support and nurture your practice.

Find a class for you.

Maria Filippone's life-long passion for fitness and yoga led her to train and become certified in many disciplines and philosophies. Culmanating in over twenty years of experience, Maria teaches classes, workshops and retreats in Victoria, B.C. Read a letter from Maria here.