What's the buzz about?

"We've been practicing with Maria for about two years, and always look forward to our time with her. The classes are lessons in contrasts - yin and yang: at once energizing and calming; strenuous but relaxing; physical yet spiritual; dynamic and tranquil...taken together, the result is a beautiful balance. We always appreciate the flow, and love the incorporation of Pilates as well!"
John Lavery, Executive Director, Emerg. Mgmnt Unit, Ministry of Health
"Maria is a rare find; a teacher who combines technical expertise, enthusiasm and genuine caring.  After a class or session you not only feel invigorated in your body but your soul feels lighter, encouraged and inspired. Having had the pleasure of knowing her for over ten years, I see that she has not only grown into her true potential but also had found her true calling."
Patrick Lui (Pilates Teacher)
"Maria is a yoga and pilates teacher and Thai massage practitioner of rare gifts. Her deeply intuitive ability to tune into another's body-mind-spirit and her breadth and depth of training and experience combine to create an exceptional healing facilitator. She works from a place of sensitivity, awareness, and deep tenderness, while bringing rigour, nuance, and precision to her teaching and sharing. In a word, "inspirational".
K. Anne Finlay, Ph.D.
"I loved having sessions with Maria. She is so specific an focused, which I love. Maria loves what she does so much. She is so passionate and inspired by the body's alignment, it's strength and all things leading to health. Maria is a very special person w/ such a calm, caring, nurturing energy. You couldn't find a better teacher than Maria. If I lived near her, I would take every class she offers."
Alicia Silverstone, Animal Rights and Environmental Activist & Actor
"Maria has such a relaxing, soothing and healing style that is like no other. She also has a way about her that instils a sense of confidence that things I never thought were possible are entirely possible. I have never felt stronger emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically than I do now which at my age, is pretty wonderful!"
Deborah K. Lovett - Q. C.
"Maria Filippone and I worked together in my preparation for The Police Tour in 2007, I knew it was going to be a gruelling experience so I wanted to be as fit as I could be. Maria was the perfect choice for a coach, adept in yoga and pilates, she is inspiring, forensic in her adjustments to my practice, and delightful company."