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Teaching schedule varies week to week.

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Workshop – SUMMER SOUND JOURNEY @ One Yoga in James Bay 

This 2.25 hour Workshop includes:
A gentle 60 mins all levels Vinyasa Practice in a lightly heated room, led by Maria Filippone,  15 mins of Breath Work & Relaxation, followed by a brief and informative Introduction to the 45 mins Sound journey, led by Ayi & Michael Mayzel.
Space will be limited to only 36 people. This workshop will be accessible for all levels. The room will be lightly warmed.
What is a Sound Journey ?~ Sound Journeys are inner journeys guided by a variety of sound healing tools which include Gongs, Crystal Alchemy bowls, Tibetan bowls, Crystal Harps, Tuning forks, Chimes and Crystals…each carrying varying frequencies and vibrations, resonating with different parts of the body. These tones can lead you into a state of deep relaxation and vibrant inner peace.More about Michael Mayzel and Shanti Sounds @

August 25th – 1245pm- 3 pm

Cost = $ 40.00 ( plus tax )

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OCTOBER 21 -27, 2018


OCTOBER 21 -27, 2018


#201 – 239 Menzies St reet | 250.383.3933 | | victor





Learn how to teach vinyasa more proficiently, efficiently, or just excite

your practice with this teaching intensive. Led by Katie Thacker , Natalie

Wright , Maria Filippone, Tracey Noseworthy, Kate Landreth, Kailie Woods

and Kristine Salmon. This is for 200hr+ certified teachers.